The Voice of The Artist in Political Upheaval resonates with FALLEN MAN at Rogue

Anita Daswani as Blind Girl

He was the guy in law school that carried a copy of the constitution in his back pack. Like many of us, or perhaps not enough of us, he believed that while things were not perfect, our nation had a strong core grasp on democracy and that the foundations put in motion by our forefathers were concrete enough to withstand attacks.

“I…believed our legal institutions were strong and fair not weak and blind. I feel the attack on democracy offended me to the core. I wanted to write something about it immediately that was not ripped from the headlines and shared the larger arc of threats to democracies in general and people of color in particular,” says playwright Wayne L. Firestone, one of the participants in this Summer’s Rogue Theater Festival.

Fallen Man, a new play by Wayne L. Firestone that opens at the festival this Sunday, July 25th, is both a parable and a reflection on dystopian current events, where the audience becomes eye witness and jury following the January 6th US Capitol riots. As the Blind Girl hears appeals—from the accused Fallen Man and the privileged Politician on either side of the scale, it is the truth that provides a clear vision, literally and figuratively.

Like many Americans, Mr. Firestone was deeply affected - and inspired to write - about the shocking events of January 6th, and i